Deep Learning of Invariant Features via Simulated Fixations in Video

Authors: Will Y. Zou, Shenghuo Zhu, Andrew Y. Ng, Kai Yu.
Will Y. Zou
Shenghuo Zhu
Andrew Y. Ng
Kai Yu.
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We apply salient feature detection and tracking in videos to simulate fixations and smooth pursuit in human vision. With tracked sequences as input, a hierarchical network of modules learns invariant features using a temporal slowness constraint. The network encodes invariance which are increasingly complex with hierarchy. Although learned from videos, our features are spatial instead of spatial-temporal, and well suited for extracting features from still images. We applied our features to four datasets (COIL-100, Caltech 101, STL-10, PubFig), and observe a consistent improvement of 4% to 5% in classification accuracy. With this approach, we achieve state-of-the-art recognition accuracy 61% on STL-10 dataset.

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