Deep Learning And Unsupervised Feature Learning
We consider the problem of building highlevel, class-specific feature detectors from only unlabeled data. Authors: Quoc V. Le, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Rajat Monga, Matthieu Devin, Kai Chen, Greg S. Corrado, Jeffrey Dean and Andrew Y. Ng. (2012)
Andrew Ng
Ashutosh Saxena
Min Sun
Sung H. Chung
Savil Srivastava
Jamie Schultz
Jeff Michels


Make3D converts your still picture into a 3D model completely automatically---upload, wait for a few seconds, and download! It takes a two-dimensional image and creates a three-dimensional "fly around" model, giving the viewers access to the scene's depth and a range of points of view. After uploading your image, you can "fly" in the 3-D scene (requires VRML viewer, Flash or Adobe Shockwave), or watch a rendered 3-d movie (flash required). Visit 3-D Gallery or Hall of fame. Also see Google Android version. class="none" />

Video Links

Make3D --- convert your image into 3d model
3-D Flythrough from a single image


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