Joining my research group as an MS or PhD student

Not currently a Stanford student

Visit www.cs.stanford.edu/education/admissions for the application process. Due to high number of applicants I’m unable to respond to individual emails. I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities of working together once you are admitted.

Currently a Stanford student. 

Current students of Stanford interested in getting involved with AI or Machine Learning Research, feel free to get in touch by sending your resume at ml-apply@cs.stanford.edu. This reaches me directly and I’d be happy to suggest a good fit in the right project.

If you are a PhD student interested in working with me, feel free to reach me directly.

Looking for an internship

I am currently unable to accept interns who aren’t already studying at Stanford. Stanford undergraduates should apply through the CURIS program for internship opportunities. I’d encourage you to get involved in research well before summer; to do so, please email your resume to ml-apply@cs.stanford.edu.

Looking for a post doc/volunteer/other position

Post docs and other paid positions: If you are experienced in Deep Learning, please feel free to get in touch, by emailing ml-apply@cs.stanford.edu. If you do not already have significant experience in Deep Learning, unfortunately I will not be able to offer you a position. Volunteer positions in machine learning, computer vision or AI: If you are familiar with these technologies and are currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and have at least 20 hours/week to dedicate to a project, please feel free to get in touch. Please email a description of your background and interests to ml-apply@cs.stanford.edu. Robotics and Reinforcement learning: We do not currently have openings. Coursera: If you are interested in a position at Coursera rather than at Stanford, please go to www.jobs.coursera.org.

Individuals interested in helping with a machine learning project

I appreciate your interest, unless you already are familiar with machine learning, are based in the SF Bay area, and want to volunteer >20 hours a week of your time, we currently we do not have any openings in machine learning projects. Machine learning has a significant social and economic impact on our society, to learn more please consider taking a free online course on machine learning at www.ml-class.org.

Want to learn more about machine learning

I invite you to sign up for the free machine learning class I teach on Coursera, at www.ml-class.org. If you are interested in learning more about deep learning, please also see the tutorial at deeplearning.stanford.edu/wiki/.

I represent a company, and am looking for help with a machine learning project.

I get 2-3 requests a week from companies asking for machine learning advice, and 5-6 emails a week from people looking to hire machine learning students, and unfortunately just don’t have the capacity to respond individually. Our research projects are supported by generous sponsors. Funding the research work of one or two Stanford students for a year costs between $80,000 and $200,000. If you are interested in this possibility, please feel free to get in touch.